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5.5ml GLOW & GLAM PACKAGE £525

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  • 1 h
  • 525 British pounds
  • Victoria Street

Service Description

Price 4.4ml GLOW SKIN PACKAGE ....................................................................£450 (Package does not include tear trough, lips, liquid rhinoplasty, and jawline.) Indulging in a 4.4ml dermal filler package offers an exquisite experience with a host of benefits, making it a luxurious and comprehensive solution for your aesthetic goals: 1. **Opulent Volume Enhancement:** The generous 4.4ml quantity provides an opulent package of dermal filler, allowing for extensive volume enhancement. This is ideal for achieving a lush, revitalised look, especially in larger treatment areas. 2. **Versatile Transformation:** With this ample package, you can experience the benefits of facial rejuvenation. Whether you seek to soften wrinkles, contour facial features, or restore volume to multiple areas, the 4.4ml allows for a comprehensive and tailored approach. 3. **Savings with Glamour:** Indulging in a larger package not only means more indulgence for your skin but also offers cost savings compared to individual treatments. This glamorous package brings affordability to luxury. 4. **Extended Elegance:** The 4.4ml quantity typically provides longer-lasting results, extending the elegance of your enhanced features. Fewer touch-ups are needed, allowing you to revel in the benefits for an extended period. 5. **Holistic Facial Harmony:** Achieving facial harmony is an art, and the 4.4ml dermal filler package allows us to sculpt and contour with precision, ensuring a holistic and balanced enhancement. By choosing the indulgent 4.4ml dermal filler package, you embark on a journey of luxury and self-care. This comprehensive offering is designed to provide an exquisite and enduring enhancement, allowing you to embrace the full splendour of your natural beauty. Book your complementary consultation online.

Contact Details

  • 89 Victoria Street, Windsor, UK


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